Technology is at the forefront of every industry today. As a result, most educators and parents are recognizing the significance of computer sciences and coding in particular. Various coding activities are specially designed for kids. These activities enable kids to get a good head start in the world of coding so that their minds get sharper and their futures get brighter.

Besides the obvious career options, coding activities such as scratch coding provide kids with opportunities to gain advanced knowledge in computer science, and valuable lessons that reinforce logic and analytical skills. So, here are some of the top coding activities that will allow your child to realize his coding dreams.

While/Do Coding

This type of coding is very similar to if/then coding and is a form of conditional coding. Coding teaches kids to write programs that give instructions based on a set of conditions. In other words, a computer will carry out instructions that are set by the programmer, if conditions are fulfilled.

The coding activity is not high-level such as scratch coding, but it is really fun and a great way to get kids interested in coding. The game involves a single person as a programmer and the rest serving as computers. The programmer initiates the game by making a statement in the form of ‘While I do ……………., you do………………’. The computers then have to carry out the actions only if the given conditions are being fulfilled.

As an example: ‘While I clean the bedroom, you play with Ringo in the hall’.

Such a coding activity is very exciting for kids as they get very eager about what is to come next. As a result, they give the game their full focus while also learning how to think like a computer.

Code Your Name With Beads

It is no secret that computers use binary systems using 0s and 1s to code. The system appears to be very simple, considering how complicated it can actually get. Every letter, number, and symbol is assigned a specific sequence of 0s and 1s that can seem pretty boring. However, we need to turn it into fun for kids, right? This is how you do it.

You need to get a complete list of letters and their binary counterparts. Get colored beads or colorful pasta shapes, and strings, and make necklaces or bracelets out of them. Start by instructing your child to choose a colored bead for the 0s, and another color for the 1s.

Choose a third color to serve as a space between the letters. Now, let your child follow the list and string in the sequences of 0s and 1s. Not only will it create a beautiful necklace but the kid will also learn to coin names in the binary coding system.

Coded Scavenger Hunt

Even though one needs a bit of preparation for this activity, the results with your kids are guaranteed to bring a smile to their angelic faces.

The coded scavenger hunt is one of the best preschool coding activities that can be played at kids’ birthday parties and it teaches the most basic principle of coding and decoding.

All you need is a few good hiding places and some delicious treats for hiding. Name the hiding spots as sofa, tree, table, etc. Prepare cards with blank spaces for each letter. Now, assign a number to each letter and jot it down on a separate list. So, A for 1, B for 2, C for 3, and so on.

Next, write down a small math problem on the place cards. The number that arises after decoding the problem must suggest the destination of the threat. Finally, explain the game and give the little ones the instructions to go and fetch their treats. The motivation to find treats will have coding geniuses within no time.


So, whether you want your kid to directly head towards scratch coding, or warm them up with these fun coding activities, coding surely will sharpen your kid’s intellect.

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