Today, more than four in ten employees (43%) work from home at least half the week and 62% of them sometimes. This is driven by remote collaboration tools which have become necessary for teams collaborating across multiple office locations and time zones thanks to COVID-19 pandemic strikes like last year’s global epidemic that caused a shortage on physical contact sparks between coworkers.

This is why more than ever, it’s critical for employers to provide their employees with the remote collaboration tools they need to stay connected and productive no matter where they are working.

What are remote collaboration tools?

Remote collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important in the business world. These days, it’s not just about being physically present at your desk every day–you can be anywhere and still get work done with remote team members!

What are virtual collaboration tools used for?

Virtual collaboration tools are great for keeping in contact with your team and staying on top of projects. They can be especially useful when coordinating a group working from different locations, as it allows them to plan out tasks together while also providing an easy way communicate outside the office environment

some tools for remote working is a mobile application that helps your workforce build trust and friendships with one another while encouraging peer-to -peer learning opportunities for all members involved! The free app can be used in both virtual environments or on location, making it easy to launch outings at any time of day from anywhere around the world without having an set meeting agenda ever again . Not only does this create communities within companies but also creates connections between co workers who may not know each other very well yet which increases productivity as well because everyone has familiarized themselves enough during their first week


Qik-chat is the fastest way to speak with your leads. Chat messages are optionally encrypted for absolute protection and can be easily shared among friends or acquaintances, perfect if you’re without data connection!


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows users to meet online, with or without video. It offers a number of features, including group video conferencing, group messaging, screen sharing, and the ability to record and playback meetings.


Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, founded in 2014. Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging.

Slack is a messaging app that connects people in an organization together to work more efficiently. It’s like Facebook messages, but instead of talking about your personal life or opinions on current events you’re working with other members on team discussions related to employer-related topics such as projects deadlines , etc.


Jira brings teams together to make better decisions about their work. Software development, customer support and even start-ups all benefit from using this tool that helps you plan your projects while tracking progress on them too!


With TeamViewer you can share your screen, annotate reports and record sessions that are synced to the cloud. Whether for tech support teams or not – everyone will find it easy-to use with its interface making this tool perfect no matter what profession they work in!

Troop Messenger

Team Messenger is a potent team communication tool that can be used by both local and distant teams for office chat, team collaboration, and instant messaging. It offers extremely dependable capabilities to assist the user’s workplace chat experience by providing end-to-end chat encryption. Screen share, Burnout, Forkout, Video calling, Favorite Contacts, Groups, etc. are among the features.

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