HARO (also known as Help A Reporter Out) has become a popular tool for marketers, business owners, therapists, solopreneurs, and professionals who work in a specific niche. In 2022, there are thousands and thousands of people using this tool every day in order to reap its benefits, which include a mix of marketing and PR successes.

How Does it work?

Sign up for free or through HARO’s paid plans and begin to receive the emails they send out 3 times a day. You’ll receive an email at 5:38 am, 12:38 pm, as well as 5:38 pm (in Eastern Standard Time).

In these emails, you’ll find dozens of opportunities that vary. From being quoted as an expert, to finding good podcasting, opportunities, to being a guest on a radio show, and so much more. Anybody can submit a request on here and state who they are looking for. You never know what you’ll find.

You can submit your response via a unique email that each query has. You could hear back from them, have your response used in an article, or have additional questions sent your way.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of using HARO can vary depending on what the query is and can include:

(1) SEO. If you respond to a HARO query using your experience and expertise, the writer could use your response and include you in an article. In this article, you could receive a link to your website, as well as a mention, which is a good SEO benefit.

Chris Trembath, Chief Marketing Office at Dynamic Gifts Australia, finds HARO to be quite useful for SEO purposes and has been using it for a few years now.

“Not only is it easy to use, with the opportunities coming right to your email, but it is also free and the wins can be quite large if you put in the time, write quality responses, and stay diligent with it. There are many benefits to using HARO and the SEO benefits are definitely one.”

(2) Relationship building. You can meet new professionals via HARO, which can grow your network.

(3) Podcasts and radio shows. There are quite a few requests for show guests on HARO, and many users look for these opportunities.

(4) Exposure. It’s a great tool to get your name out there and increase your PR and marketing exposure.

Giulia Di Leo is an Executive in the leisure travel industry with Your Boat Holiday and doesn’t have a ton of extra time on her hands. But she finds there a ton of chances for exposure and that’s why she uses it.

“There are a ton of high quality publications that use HARO to look for experts, so it’s definitely worth spending some time when you can. You just never know what you’ll find and it could be a big boost for your business as far as exposure to the public and maybe even your target audience.”

Both of these HARO experts and actually found through HARO as we begin to see its benefits and meet experts of our own!

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