If we take an eye on the past few years, we will see the drastic shift in the line of online shopping platforms and eCommerce websites going upward in the charts. From buying online clothes to ordering medicines, and daily grocery shopping to electronic items, we have everything online delivered. These modern turnarounds have given rise to eCommerce websites and platforms globally. One such popular e-commerce website is Magento. And in this article, we will learn about this famous e-commerce platform and how it differs from others. 

What Is Magento?

A leading eCommerce website that has embarked on a name in the field of online shopping is Magento. With more than 2000,000 users, this platform offers services to every small, medium or large-scale website. 

Magento, released on March 31, 2008, is an e-commerce platform with built-in PHP, which makes it perfect for programmers to create eCommerce websites. Later, Adobe acquired Magento with an appealing amount of $ 1.6 billion. Further, due to this tie-up, it became the top-ranked platform that merchants preferred the most.

Features of Magento Platform

Despite its exceptional user interface and easy-to-use operations, there are many other things that make Magento Development the first choice for every merchant and business. In fact, it is the best open-source to start your online shopping business globally. 

Any businessman with a basic command of English and technology can build their online shopping platform quickly. Here are the features that make Magento different and unique from others: 

1. Product Management 

Favourite’s list, optional comment reviews, images and many additional features that make it easy for users to shop online. 

2. Client Account 

Information on the client’s name, account status, transaction history, address, shopping cart, and many other things to be shown on the platform,

3. Category Management 

With this feature, categorizing things and products based on your preferences is easy. 

4. Inventory Management 

Products marked for imports, exports, and the ones left in stock and their management. 

5. Customer Support 

Instant contact support, email services, and comprehensive follow-ups by customers for a smooth shopping experience. 

6. Payment Options 

Magento gives multiple payment options for users that include PayPal, credit card, Authorize.net, ePay, Google Checkout and many more. 

7. Promotional Tools

Groupons, coupons, additional discounts and other marketing tools for promotions 

8. Analyze and Report 

Platform integrated with Google Analytics to provide organized and detailed reports. 

Why Should You Choose Magento as Your Leading Ecommerce Platform?

There are multiple reasons why people should choose Magento as their eCommerce platform partner. Here is the list of reasons for those:

1. It is an Open-Source Platform 

Magento is an open-source platform; it concludes that in addition to scalable and flexible online platforms, you also get a customizing feature. So, now you can add or reduce elements according to your preference to make your forum unique and distinct. 

Designed with the latest technology, any change and adaptations are acquired diligently and error-free. This reason attracts most of the customers as you can make choices for your online shopping site without any interruptions. 

2. Choose Your Hosting Services 

Magento another benefit of using Magento is that you can choose the hosting service of your choice. Any online shopping business can have its files and data and be a little fussy about what hosting they want. 

3. Multi-Platform Integrations Benefits 

Now you can integrate your platform with third-party add-ons and features that you want without any extra charge or regular fees. 

Businesses can add tools like Google Analytics, PayPal, MailChimp, Ads and much more to their platform for promotions or data retrievals. All you need is to find the plug-ins that you think would benefit your site. 

4. Optimum Website Speed 

If we talk about website speed or loading time, Magento is the best. It is the fastest. Intending to be the quickest eCommerce store, Magento is famous for its breakneck speed and capability of making the fastest-loading web pages as well. 

And as we know what a slow-loading and dull website can do to a business, this factor plays a magnificent role for all. 

5. SEO Optimized Websites 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a factor that helps any website to rank well on any search engine. And Magento offers an SEO-optimized content management system that we all would want:

  • Meta Descriptions 
  • Sitemaps 
  • Product Title 
  • Meta Tags 
  • Keywords 
  • Search Friendly URLs

And many more. 

When we talk about Magento’s SEO, it is regularly updated with the latest SEO trends and policies. The platform has a great loading time, URLs and meta-implementations, which helps improve SEO ranking. 

What are the Perks for Using Magento as Your E-commerce Platform 

If you decide to build your online shopping site under Magento, here’s what you will get: 

  • A scalable and flexible interface 
  • Highly customizable for unique sites 
  • It offers additional tools for making a responsive e-commerce website for all devices. 
  • Supportive community for better assistance and support. 
  • An alert support team to analyze and locate tech issues on time. 
  • Has a trendy feature list. 


If you plan to build an online shopping business using an e-commerce platform, there is nothing that Magento cannot provide. It has everything from a user-friendly interface to customizing features and easy-to-process integration to multiple payment getaways.

In order to create an online eCommerce marketplace on Magento, hiring a Magento developer is your next step. Appinop Technologies, the best Magento development agency, can help you set up a centralized online retail system. Providing Magento development services for over a decade now, they excel in developing the best websites for you. 

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