When I set up a Facebook page, my first thought was to look at the pages of other authors and see how they promote their content.

Although I haven’t been in the industry for a while, I see the potential for improvement as a reader and author. Let me assure you that my intentions are positive.

Here are my thoughts on what works and doesn’t work on Facebook.

Make a Facebook page that belongs to someone alive.

Act like a decent person on social media if you want to be considered worthy.

Some authors have only their increase Facebook followers uk to communicate with family and friends. They don’t have Facebook pages. It’s no surprise that maintaining a good runner can be time-consuming. Familiar Medium followers might think that you aren’t so special because you don’t have a Facebook audience. Most people don’t know anything about your Medium stats.

Other authors publish only their posts through their profiles. Although this is less work than creating a separate page for each position, it can look too self-promotional or self-absorbed unless you are a Nobel laureate.

You can do many things to improve your profile or Facebook page like to make cover photo private, no matter what promotion you choose.

Your Mission First

Simon Sinek believes you can succeed by showing others what you think (the famous Golden Circle and the core question, Why are you doing this?). They will be more open to your beliefs and feel closer to you. They are hungry for growth and appreciate communication within the group.

My Facebook page was created to promote the book I wrote for my children. My primary target is the mother of schoolchildren.

The page contains my values that other mothers can see: healthy development of children, healthy environments, well-being, and healthy lifestyles. I also share scientific facts. Many moms can identify with my realistic view of life.

Note: My Facebook page was created to help me learn. I did not want to advertise it but to increase the number of my followers organically. I was happy with the low number of followers (154) but high engagement.

Do your best to be a good host, but not have a Napoleon Complex.

It is common to see writers and vloggers post their content. I understand. It takes time to post and also put other people’s stuff regularly. They don’t want people to leave their page. However, I have already stated what I think about such pages.

You are not Hemingway’s publisher. Or Hemingway himself. There is no one interested in you. People are looking for a connection and having fun. Instead, be a great host.

Don’t Post Anything That Doesn’t Belong To You.

Write at least one comment about someone else’s work or a piece from the news.

Cite credible sources. However, if you don’t wish to include their link in the story, it is a good idea to mention the source.

It’s best to use the 5:32:30 rule for companies when posting on social media. This means you should have five pieces of content from other people, three parts that aren’t too sales, and two pieces of your fun content. This was a little looser. Yet, I still post content from other people — I believe in these ideas and am a natural person. It’s an excellent way to not appear pompous by using credible sources.

My translation skills are combined with the storytelling skills of a marketer. As the hero’s journey, I can retell a text that has been translated from American or British sources into Serbian.

SHORT Stories

There is nothing more you need.                   

These should be easy to understand. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your copywriting skills. Reduce every word and make your paragraphs concise and clear. https://technoloss.com/

To make a point, use characters and a plot. A person solves a problem or is transformed by an experience.

Stories are always better than numbers. Statistics are not meaningful to people. They need something that they can relate to. A story can tell everything.

Mix educational and entertaining

I commented on Guardian’s article about the pollution caused by buying new clothes. I added emojis to the post and a beautiful photo.

At the time, I had approximately increase Facebook likes uk. I shared the post with a Zero Waste group in my area. Below are the engagement and share numbers. This is a good thing.

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