Cybercriminals and advanced persistent threats—hackers who attempt to breach security systems repeatedly—are continually developing new tools and techniques to find vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field that is constantly updated to prevent further attacks. Security audits are critical to maintaining and improving any organization’s security posture. IT Support Vancouver offers comprehensive security auditing services to local businesses in Vancouver and adjacent areas.

What is a Security Audit?

Security audits are used to assess the security of an organization’s computer systems by looking for vulnerabilities, physical and technical weaknesses, and any areas where an attacker could breach the system. Auditors conduct scans and penetration tests to find any security loopholes or weak points. Security auditors also recommend many strategies for improving an organization’s data security. In some cases, they may even have a legal responsibility to report security breaches.

Types of IT Security Audits

Internal audit

  • When an organization conducts an internal IT security audit, it uses its resources and auditors to assess the effectiveness of its cybersecurity policies.

External audit

  • An external audit is conducted by a third party and is used to ensure that a company complies with industry standards and government regulations.

What Does an IT Security Audit Cover?

Network vulnerabilities

Auditors assess potential vulnerabilities in any aspect of a network that cybercriminals could exploit, including unsecured access points, instant messages, emails, and network traffic.

Cybersecurity controls

Auditors evaluate how well an organization’s security controls are implemented and maintained. This includes evaluating the extent to which the company has a comprehensive security policy and assessing whether or not everyone is adhering to that policy. For more cybersecurity tips, consider consulting Managed IT Services Vancouver.

Data encryption

Auditors must verify that the company has the proper controls to manage the encryption process effectively to ensure the confidentiality and protection of digital data while in the cloud, on portable devices, or while in transit.

Post courtesy: Andrew Dalman, President at ActiveCo Technology Management.

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