Any Video Converter Free

While it isn’t the most beautiful on the exterior, Any Video converter Free has more than enough functionality to convert YouTube Videos to MP3. It offers a wide range of features, which is almost excessive for those who just need to convert YouTube videos. You can choose formats like WMV or MP4, MP4, AVI etc., then export them to a vast array of file formats. It is far more powerful and versatile than other online converters. If you want, you can even burn these files to CDs. This is great for those who still use CD/DVD players to view/listen.

This is a free download of software. Please be careful with any additional programs that they include in the installation.

Even though the name of Any Video to convertidor mp3 FREE is somewhat suspect, there are a lot more features than you might think. Not just for converting YouTube videos to MP3s. Do not install this program without first checking the boxes.

4K YouTube, MP3

4k YouTube MP3 does exactly as it says. It was specifically created to remove audio from high-quality YouTube videos. It’s not limited to MP3 format. It can also output OGG and MP4A files. Also, you have the ability to set the bitrate for your audio files. The program can convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud and Flickr.

Another piece of software that can be downloaded, but you won’t have to deal with any bundled programs. This YouTube to MP3 converter doesn’t come with strings. It is free and although you probably won’t need any extra features, you can still download complete playlists and convert them instantly.

4K YouTube MP3 is a clever YouTube to convertidor mp3. It’s very light on your PC and doesn’t allow other programs to access your system. It also has the ability to convert videos from other sites to MP3 and other audio formats.

4k Videos Downloader

While 4KVideoDownloader is not the most visually striking of the best YouTube to MP3 converter, that doesn’t mean it cannot do the job. It is similar to 4K YouTube and MP3 in its approach. It supports multiple audio conversion options such as OGG, MP4A and that all-important M3A.

4KVideoDownloader’s unique feature is its ability to download and convert playlists without charge. Although the number of videos it supports is limited to 24, you can still create playlists with hundreds of videos and simultaneously convert them. This is an attractive feature that will appeal to many.

4K YouTube MP3 Downloader is, in short, a lot like 4K YouTube MP3. However, 4K Video downloaded has playlist downloading, which will appeal to people who are interested in building a large MP3 library.

Free YouTube to M33 Converter

Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter does exactly what it says and allows you to quickly download and convert any video that you like. It is as simple as selecting the format and quality you wish to use from the drop-down list. This removes the need to worry about choosing which file format you want. What does this bitrate even mean? This makes it one of the most efficient YouTube-to MP3 converters.

There is one downside to this package of software. If you don’t want certain programs or you don’t need them, you will have to choose not to install Any Video Converter Free.

Free YouTube to MP3 Conversion, aside from the annoying, complicated software, is easy and straightforward. You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 formats without any hassle. It may not be as feature-rich as some of these apps, but it will do the job.


ClipGrab is similar to Free YouTube MP3 Converter. It is easy to use and offers simple options that allow you convert YouTube videos from YouTube to MP3 formats. Simply copy and paste this URL to get started. The nice thing about this one is that you can choose that you want the video solely for MP3 purposes. No waiting around for it to download the entire video and convert it. Instead, it will just strip the audio and deliver it much faster.

Just like the other YouTube to MP3 conversions on this page, you need to be wary about software that is bundled in. Opera browser is one example. If you like the idea of using a browser that not many people have ever heard of, go for it. If not you can always deselect it after installing the program.

ClipGrab converts YouTube videos to MP3 and is fast, easy to use. There are other file formats you can convert, such as OGG and WMV. However, this is the most popular MP3 option. You can uncheck the box to get rid of any software included.

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