Uh oh… Are you in a bit of a pickle and unable to unlock your iPhone? Whether you keep forgetting your passwords or are using a new phone with the old owner’s information, we have the solution for you. Or if you are a student writing about unlocking iPhones, we guarantee that you are not going to need Top Essay writing services for tips. This article briefs you with all the necessary details you need to know to unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone. Let’s begin!

Unlocking iPhones

Let’s start from the basics and understand how iPhones get locked in the first place. iPhones have a safety feature called anti-theft setting which locks the phone if ‘Find My iPhone’ is active. This helps to protect phones from getting stolen and others getting access to your personal data.

As long as the Activation Lock is working, no one can delete the device, activate it on another account, or even shut down the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. Unless they enter the Apple ID and password that was used while setting up the phone, they cannot do any of the above actions. If you find yourself dealing with this situation, here is how you can unlock the iPhone:

Your Own Phone

Firstly, you need to confirm if your phone is actually iCloud locked by checking the Activation Lock screen. Carefully enter your Apple ID username and password that was originally used as you might have been making mistakes while entering these details. In case it still does not work, reset your Apple ID password by tapping ‘Forgot Password’. Finally, if you have a 2-factor authentication system, you can reset your password using the device passcode. Tap ‘Unlock With Passcode’ and enter this passcode carefully to reset your password.

Borrowed or Secondhand Phone

We understand that it gets harder when you weren’t the one who had originally set the Apple ID password. Here is what you should do; contact the original owner and ask for the credentials. This happens a lot with people buying used or secondhand iPhones, make sure you have the original user’s contact with you. Hence, open the home screen and sign out of their iCloud. To do this, first visit settings, tap ‘iCloud’ and then tap ‘Sign Out’. In case your phone is iOS 10.3 and up, go to settings, tap on your name and then tap ‘Sign Out’.

The phone will ask you to enter the Apple ID username and password once more, so ask the original owner to enter their credentials again. In case the iOS of the phone is 10.2 and earlier, tap the Sign Out option, and then tap the Delete from My iPhone option. In the case of more advanced versions, you just need to tap ‘Turn Off’. Finally, erase the phone by tapping Settings and then General, Reset and then Erase All Content and Settings.

If You Can’t Reach The Owner Physically

The second situation was still easier because at least the owner could reach you. However, not being in meet the owner of the iPhone can create a lot of issues. In this case, remove the lock on the iCloud by asking them to sign in to their iCloud with their Apple ID on their device and then tap ‘Find iPhone’. Start with selecting every device and then select the device you need to unlock. They should then tap on ‘Erase’ and then follow the next instructions their device gives them. 

That’s it. Once they are able to remove this phone from their account, you need to restart the phone and the Activation Lock will no longer be there!

In Conclusion

These are the only 3 ways you can use to unlock the iPhone and if you can’t find the owner, you’re basically stuck. iPhones have an anti-theft setting to protect users’ phones from getting stolen and losing their valuable information. Activation Lock is a powerful tool and there is absolutely no way to hack it, so make sure that the iCloud is unlocked if you are not the original owner of the phone. We hope this blog solves your query and that there need to hire Best Essay Help in case you are writing an essay on this topic.

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