Chromebooks are wonderful because they don’t require a massive difficult pressure, but there are a few times where this will be a limitation as properly. With present day Chromebooks being able to installation a couple of apps from multiple sources, they could replenish quickly.

Currently, you may set up Android apps from the Google Play Store, Chrome apps, and Linux apps. So storage area can become a difficulty very quickly. And with streaming services like Netflix so you can download your favored films and shows for offline playback, you’ll be confronted with a device that doesn’t have sufficient space for the whole lot you want.

Luckily, it is smooth to uninstall apps you not use out of your Chromebook, no matter in which they got here from.

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How To Uninstall An Android App From Your Chromebook

For maximum users, Android apps from the Google Play Store are probably to be the primary cause for liberating up space, so we’re going to start there.

If you’re using a Chromebook with a trackpad or mouse, two-finger click on (trackpad) or right-click (mouse) at the same time as the mouse pointer is hovering over an app’s icon and then click on “Uninstall.”

If you’re the usage of a Chrome OS tablet—or prefer the use of your Chromebook’s touchscreen—faucet and keep the app’s icon, then tap Uninstall.

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How To Uninstall The Chrome App From Your Chromebook

If your app comes from the Chrome Web Store, it’s also clean to eliminate. And if you’re no longer certain where an app came from, the system is just like uninstalling an Android app.

If you are using a Chromebook with a trackpad or mouse, two-finger click (trackpad) or proper-click on (mouse) the mouse pointer over an app’s icon and then pick out “Remove from Chrome.”

If you are using a Chrome OS tablet—or select using your Chromebook’s touchscreen—faucet and hold the app’s icon after which tap “Remove from Chrome.”

Linux apps are the brand new hotness for most Chromebook users, and uninstalling them is a piece more complex than with other forms of apps.

Start by opening Terminal. Then, type the following command (replace app_name with the name of your app) and hit Enter:

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

If you do not know how to delete apps on Chromebook or other Chrome OS device. Don’t worry, here you may discover a beneficial tutorial that can help you delete apps on Chromebook.

There are many motives why people want to uninstall or eliminate programs from their Chromebooks. Some people do not need to maintain their data, so that they either manufacturing facility reset the Chromebook or they delete the apps at the Chromebook.

Some people delete apps simply because they’re quick of reminiscence and want to use that area for distinctive tasks.

Here Is A Entire Manual That Will Help You Delete Apps On your Chromebook.

Step 1: Click on the Apps icon inside the top left corner.

Step 2: Find your app inside the listing and right-click on on its icon.

Step three:- Select Remove from Chrome.

Step 4 :- Finally click on Remove to verify which you want to put off the apps on Chromebook.

Alternative Method:- How to Delete Apps on Chromebook

Step 1: – Click at the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

Step 2 :- Select More Tools.

Step three :- Select Extension.

Step four :- On the extension web page that looks, click on trash can iconv for the extension you want to cast off.

If your extension appears as a button on the browser toolbar, you may also proper-click its icon and pick out Remove from Chrome.

You can also temporarily disable the extension rather than doing away with it completely.

Delete Apps On Chromebook To Save Storage Space

It’s not unusual to ship Chromebooks with simplest 64GB of garage, or maybe less on budget fashions. This lack of storage encourages the device proprietor to delete unused documents and files from time to time. Of those, apps are probably those with large footprints, and deleting them can loose up some scarce storage area.

Perfect, Chromebooks have a few pre-set up apps that you in all likelihood in no way use and likely by no means will. Instead of leaving them unused, it is always better to uninstall them.

And here are guides for deleting apps on Chromebook. These guides must paintings on each tablet mode and keyboard mode.

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How to Delete Apps on Your Chromebook

2. Then enlarge Launcher view.

Expand – Save storage spaceHow to Delete Apps on Chromebook for Windows 7

 On Enabled mode, faucet and keep an app to reveal the context menu. For keyboard mode, maintain Alt and click concurrently. If you are using a bodily mouse, use proper-click. And then, pick out Uninstall.

five. Select Uninstall again to eliminate it from the device.

To see a complete list of apps on a Chromebook, the Google Play Store is the fine place to locate them because some apps are hidden from the launcher menu. Additionally, it indicates how a whole lot size every app takes up and whether any new updates are available.

With the Play Store, you can additionally uninstall default apps like Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, and many others., but it comes with a few asterisks which I’ll provide an explanation for later. For now, follow those steps to uninstall apps thru Play Store.

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