A world will be a boring place to live without the creative castle of designs. Designs add plush color, codes of cool tones, whispers of platted fonts, and geometries to data to make it more desiring. Graphics design made its innovative way throughout. It is a mere tool to enhance interaction between designers and customers.

Few things to keep in mind while creating graphic designs: firstly, Graphic designs must give a true image to the viewers, there must be some uniqueness prevailing, just like some of the illustrations one can get from the Perlu Agency

Graphics designs resonate with the impacts of the year in its curve. It is not just a usual fad; rather, it is worth every inch of events that happened. The graphic designs created in 2022 give a taste of a recovering age from the ruthlessness of the pandemic.

Giving some major graphic designs that boosted the year 2022 at it’s peak.

1. Minimalist Retro

This design takes us back to the retro moments of the black and white movies. The trendsetter of bobby prints, caged glasses, frilled pants, and collared shirts. This features the nostalgia of the old-school nude paints of pale minimal colors, light fat textured letters, warm tones, and vintage motifs. 

This textured design gives a refreshing effect in some of the works of Perlu Agency, which gave us that second wave for a dying style. This motif is appreciated by newspapers, dresses, and even grab, hic application logos.

2. Inclusive Visuals

This design shows the diversified version of human existence irrespective of gender, color, choices, or religion. Different issues like gender biases, religious differences, and racial discrimination have paved the way for 2022.

Brands have understood being the most circulatory phenomenon that better marketing strategy is to create a wall-breaking illusion to break the small walls of society. Representation is an art in which discrimination has had no part to play.

3. Neon Fights

One noticed that the social media platform in 2022 is about being vocal and different. Bright colors considered neons, are becoming a leading design trend.

Thoughtful about the extremely bright color trend as if one is moving their highlighters, the one used for studying. This trend desires attention just like the Perlu Agency uses it.

Neons are versatile. They work on both black and white events. One can merge them. When choosing colors, people choose brights like yellows and reds. 

4. Parametric Patterns

Patterns are breaks of graphic design. They are important for gushing solid colors and adding visual effects to a background. But in 2022, designers are encouraged to make patterns to the frontal by parametric geometry.

Parametric geometry consists of intricate geometric shapes, where per line positions depend on its accord positions. Effectively, the graphs are of limited designs, which gives them a tint of movement as happened to architectural inflexibility. In the designs of parametric, the complexity of their subject matter must have an impactful essence on viewers.

5. Frasurbane with Perlu Agency

It is a vintage effect on beige shifts. The brain of mass significance in the vintage genre is presented in this graphic design. Coffee and nude brown backgrounds add a pile of textured brick walls with the serif contexts. 

Such gradients are pleasant to the eyes for the homie feeling, which gives a pleasant mental effect on recovering minds of the long slept pandemic. 

6. Serif Fonts

These are the acquitted straight-lined fonts at the top and the bottom line of the font texts, as we have seen in many brochures. 

These fonts are mainly used for coagulating official applications. These are some vintage fonts that are coming back in style again after the pandemic hedge to swear some relief to the mundane brights.

7. 3D Illustrations

After the pandemic, our well-known tech-contribution 3D comes with new advancements. The technology is upgrading with every bit and piece. The genre of renovation is gaining its acceleration again after the long time gap of covid-19. 

This year 3D designs came up with UI techs. It has just shaken the old concept of 3D graphics. Many brands are now using the pro-3D idea for creating an impressive category, some of which can be evident in graphics used by Perlu Agency.


Graphics designs are getting innovative day by day. The technologies and pro-designs are adding multilevel definitions to this designing industry. Graphics are now a big attempt for tech industries. 

Many brands like Perlu Agency efficiently use these graphic designs for PRs and advertising. The mode of industrialization and marketing is changing to the best version due to the creative fringe of graphic design.

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