A fishing rod is the easiest way to get food early on if you’re looking for a straightforward way! As well as the possibility of getting lucky and catching exciting items from the water, these are pretty valuable for getting a sustainable food supply. With this Minecraft survival 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16 guide, you’ll learn to make a fishing rod.

You can make fishing rods on all supported platforms, whether it’s PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft?

Three sticks and two strings are all you need to make a fishing rod in Minecraft! The easiest way to find posts is by using them, but series can sometimes prove elusive.

· Collect logs

Ultimately, you can skip some of these steps if you’ve already got an ax. But if you’re just getting started, this is the time to be aggressive! Pick a tree nearby and chop or punch a few logs from it.

· Make wooden planks

From your inventory, open the wood logs section and place them into your crafting area. Each log will create four planks for a Crafting Table without one, and we will need seven overall.

· Create a Crafting Table

You can fill your inventory with four planks if you take them out of your stock. It’s now time to make the crafting table!

· Create sticks 

Let’s start with two sticks. Your Crafting Area or Crafting Table should have two wood planks in it. Four posts can be made by stacking the planks together!

· Get the string

Getting string is usually not hard, but you will need to engage in combat to get it!

  • In mines, look for cobwebs

You can find a lot more in deserted mines if you are close to one. Cobwebs can usually be harvested by hitting them with a sword when they are located inside mines. Badlands/savanna biomes are pretty much always nearby, so you can always find an abundance there! There is a chance that cave spiders will have spanners in caves, so keep that in mind!

· Kill spiders for string

In a traditional search for a string, you would have to hit some spiders and have them drop columns as loot. Wait until nighttime and search for spiders. Usually, their bright red eyes can be seen easily. Take a sword with you, whack them with it a few times, and see if they respond with string!

. Make the fishing rod

All the ingredients should now be on our Crafting Table, so let’s start assembling. Using the 3×3 grid, arrange the sticks in a diagonal pattern. In the left and right boxes, roll two pieces of string together to form a fishing rod.

How to enchant the fishing rod?

 You can enchant your fishing rod with four different enchantments. Examples include:

  • Lure: When fishing with a standard rod, you reel fish every 5 to 45 seconds at random. Five seconds of this wait time are subtracted per level of lure on your rod. With Lure III, you will only have to wait five seconds before getting a bite if the game dictates that you must wait twenty seconds for a taste. Even though the shorter wait may not seem much of a difference, it is precious if you are fishing for an extended period.
  • The Mending: Enchantment will repair the fishing rod once you collect enough experience and hold it in your hand. The knowledge gained from reeling in a fish is beneficial when it comes to fishing. As a result, if your fishing rods have been Mended, they are inherently invincible and will never need to be repaired on an anvil.
  • Lucky of the Sea: You will get treasure items and fewer junk items when you use Lucky of the Sea. Enchanted books, nautilus shells, saddles, name tags, lily pads, and fishing rods with enchantments are some of the treasures found.
  • Unbreaking: In this enchantment, you are less likely to damage your fishing rod each time you use it. Because of this, it takes a long time before the rod can no longer be repaired with an anvil when its durability runs out.

What are the uses of fishing rods in Minecraft?

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You can use fishing rods for fishing in Minecraft. Find a body of water, right-click for casting (PC version), and wait for the spell to be cast. On consoles, the left trigger for casting is recommended. Tap the screen on the game’s Pocket Edition (Bedrock Edition) to reach the main menu. If you cast the rod, its lure will float in the water.

There is something on the line when you see tiny bubbles coming out of the water and approaching the bobber of your fishing rod. You can start reeling when this happens. However, the catch may escape if your timing is not correct.

Fishing rods also bring in other items along with fish, as we’ve already discussed. Fish are 85% likely to be caught with a fishing rod. You will find things such as fish rods, enchanted books, name tags, bowls, bones, and ink sacs for 15% of the time.

How to use the fishing rod in other ways?

Besides fishing, the fishing rod also has some other uses. Mobs can be captured on land with it as well. You can use fishing rods in combat to hook distant opponents and pull them closer by using fishing rods. Especially useful in dealing with mobs far away, such as Ghosts and Blazes.

Fishing rods can also be used as steering wheels, another manner in which they are abused. Carrots can be made into carrots on a Stick, or Warped Fungus can be created into Warped Fungus on a Stick by combining them with fishing rods. If you have a pig or Strider, you can put a saddle on them. The fishing rod can also be used to ride mobs in Minecraft.


Bravo! You’ve now made the fishing rod of your dreams! Go ahead and go fishing for as long as you please in Minecraft world. As well as being a great way to obtain overpowered enchanted books, fishing is an excellent source of food in Minecraft. 

Formerly, the AFK fishing farms were how all the most experienced players enchanted their belongings in the game, but those have now been completely removed. No matter what, fishing is one of the best pastimes in Minecraft, and you’ll appreciate it.

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