The final step that makes or breaks a mobile app is the app marketing. If it is done the right way with energy and dedication, there is a great chance that the app would a recognition in the market. If your targets a local market and serves a purpose that is limited to a specific location, the right marketing strategy is vital. And, if your market is international, design your market strategy in a way that your app becomes visible to a large audience globally.

Right after consultation and budgeting discussions with a Mobile app development company, your next move is to talk to a marketing agency. However, many mobile app development companies in Dubai also offer app marketing after the development phase. A lack or ignorance of a good marketing campaign might let all of the development efforts be in vain. Therefore, to stand affront off a challenging app market, your app must have an effective marketing strategy that can give returns.

Target Market

In the first step of marketing, you need to specify your target market. You must know that your app targets which group, on the basis of age, gender, income level, education and location. Moreover, you can outline some other important figures like demographics, habits, and lifestyle.

Competitor Research

Competitor research can be your second move. By performing a competitor’s research, you are better able to communicate with your target audience and make your business distinguished from your competitors. This also helps you to learn better procedures to function and resolve obstacles from everyday tasks. A wise strategy in performing competitors’ research is to look for their prime advantages nd work on those advantages in your mobile app.

App visibility in the App Store

Making your app visible in the Play store or App Store is an optimization process for mobile apps to appear in the top search results in the app store. An App Store Optimization involves the title, description, Design, and Screenshots.

  1. Make your title focused, readable, and recognizable.
  2. Write the description of your app in a precise way that it caters to the exact solution it offers. Use relevant keywords.
  3. The design of your app should be a reflection of your services and offerings.
  4. The use of relevant screenshots in the description section makes it easy for the user to choose your app for the download.

Video Marketing

In today’s market, the video has become the most common type of content. For marketing and getting quick recognition, make a video that describes your app and spread it through multiple social media platform. YouTube is also a powerful video-sharing channel and can be used as a free video advertisement platform.

You can also include celebrities, trending memes and jokes in your video to make your content viral. Moreover, the promo video can work well for app marketing. These videos work best when present in a natural way and marketing no longer looks like marketing. However, your promo video should be short and precise.


You can also start blogging for your app advertisement. This way you can build a relationship with your audience because the audience mainly connects with a product due to its usability and emotional connection. You can build an emotional connection with your audience through a blog. You can aware them of how you started your app journey and the inside story about the processes and different phases you went through. To make the most of your blog, focus on the right use of keywords in your blog. Also, reach your audience through social sites and famous blogging platforms.

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