Almost everyone in the United States uses email. A vast majority of them rely on the Microsoft Outlook Email Client. According to Forbes, all online transactions necessitate your identity validation through an email address, and research and studies reveal that people in the United States are increasingly utilizing email as a go-to repository for all their digital activities. At this rate, email has every chance of evolving into a perfect digital security number. Microsoft Outlook, Google, and Yahoo are dominating the email scenario. 

Microsoft Outlook is the pioneer in email services, and it has been providing seamless services with some advanced features. However, Outlook has a glaring flaw in the form of corruption possibilities in its PST files. It can be challenging to spot issue-causing factors or triggers. Even though most users recommend Outlook and rate it as the best email service provider, PST file corruption can be a pain in the neck. Even though Outlook boasts some striking features and promises to be user-friendly, it is certainly not without any errors. 

Warning Signs of Outlook PST Corruption

Freezes, warning pop-ups, and application crashes are common in Outlook, and the reason that triggers this inexplicable and baffling Outlook behavior is PST file corruption on most occasions. However, with a versatile application like Outlook, it is impossible to be 100 percent sure if the issue-triggering factor is a messed up profile, defective add-in, a corrupted PST, or damaged system files. Let us explore some tell-tale warning signs that indicate your Outlook PST is damaged or corrupted. If you face any abnormalities discussed below while using Outlook, you should expect a PST file issue.

  • If all of a sudden, Outlook hangs, while you seem to be using it for performing a task like transferring messages to folders
  • If you find that simple tasks are taking too much time to complete
  • If Outlook shuts down abruptly without warning
  • If Outlook is unable to start up
  • If you come across an error pop-up

The error pop-ups should ring a warning bell, particularly when they contain any of the messages below:

  • The folders can’t be opened.
  • Errors identified in the file <path to PST-file>
  • The above file is not recognized as any Outlook PST file.

All the above-discussed symptoms are excellent warning signs that your Outlook PST file is corrupted. You may find out the reason your Outlook data files experienced corruption issues. Once you have identified the reasons PST data files got corrupted, it is high time you figure out a trustworthy Outlook repair strategy for repairing and restoring your Corrupt PST.

Top PST Repair Tools for Outlook Data Recovery

If you are an Outlook user, you may have experienced the frustration of PST file corruption. PST file corruption can lead to freezing, crashing, and error pop-ups, making accessing your important emails and data difficult. However, there are warning signs you can look out for, such as slow performance and abrupt shutdowns, which indicate that your Outlook PST file may be corrupted.

Fortunately, several third-party PST repair tools are available that can help recover your data and repair your corrupted PST files. Some of the best PST repair tools on the market include ScanPST, DataNumen Outlook Repair, Aryson Outlook Recovery Tool, Sysinfo PST Recovery for Outlook, and Cigati Outlook PST Recovery.

Various factors, including header corruption, bad sectors or hard disk crashes, virus and ransomware attacks, and power outages and crashes, can cause PST file corruption. To prevent PST file corruption, experts recommend using compatible third-party software and avoiding conflicting plug-ins that may corrupt your data files.

PST file corruption is a common problem for Outlook users. Still, with the right tools and precautions, you can recover your data and repair your corrupted files. Suppose you notice any warning signs of PST file corruption. In that case, acting quickly and using a reliable PST repair tool is important to recover your data and get your Outlook back to working properly.

Several Outlook Recovery Software is supposed to be effective. However, some other best PST repair tools or software is the following: 

  • ScanPST for Repair Outlook
  • DataNumen Outlook Repair
  • Aryson Outlook Recovery Tool
  • Sysinfo PST Recovery for Outlook
  • Cigati Outlook PST Recovery

PST Data Recovery after Data Corruption

In the event, you have experienced PST file corruption, it is mandatory to immediately try recovering the compromised or lost data, utilizing cutting-edge PST repair software. Outlook data recovery tools are versatile and designed to provide prompt and perfect recovery. Once your PST data file gets compromised, your objective will be to fix the issue without causing any more damage.

Top Reasons behind PST File Corruption

Header Corruption Because of File Download or File Transfer 

Header corruption may be possible, whenever you are transferring a PST file via the network or downloading a PST file via the Internet. Header corruptions can make your PST files inaccessible or unreadable. You need to perform a recovery to enable readability.

Bad Sectors & Hard Disk Crashes

The hard disk that contains the PST file can crash sometimes, making the files inaccessible. Moreover, in certain cases, bad sectors could arise on your hard drive compromising the PST data file.

Viruses Attacks

In certain cases viruses may target actively Outlook PST data files and make them inaccessible. Even after total elimination of the virus from your system, your Outlook PST data file may still not be accessible since its Metadata must have messed up.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is known to be a precise malware class that actively targets your computer by strategically encrypting the contents of your hard drive. Ransomware attacks will make your PST file inaccessible and unreadable.

Outlook Power Outages, Hang-ups, and Crashes

While utilizing the Microsoft Outlook email client, you should be doubly careful about shutting down the application and the computer carefully. However, unanticipated or sudden power failures and application crashes can damage your underlying PST data files.


Experts recommend using compatible Third-party software and plug-ins. Outlook is used widely, and often developers generate plug-ins for extending the Outlook app’s functionality. However, you need to better without. In certain cases, there is a possibility of your plug-ins clashing with the Outlook application. This may corrupt all the underlying data files.

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