What we previously thought was a promise today is a reality: technology is part of our lives and plays an important role in our society.

In fact, all aspects of our life have undergone changes and have been impacted by technology. From the way we relate and communicate, we learn and teach, we do business and therefore, the way we build society.

The rise of new technology such as https://activitytimeline.com/ has brought about a paradigm shift in the educational systems of the countries, in the ways of creating companies and therefore in the organization charts of the companies and even in the way in which we fall in love. If before people used to learn in a classroom, today they learn from the comfort of their bed, during breaks at work, on the way home, etc. It is only necessary to have a laptop, tablet or mobile and internet. We learn at any time and place and it is normal to enter a cafeteria and see many people sitting with their laptops and coffee.

Technology has made our day-to-day easier, but it has also become a tool for social transformation and now it is easier to raise awareness about various issues.

That is why in some way, technology can help change the world. From different areas, such as promoting education in underprivileged areas around the world, protecting the environment, promoting human rights or even promoting social activism. We tell you how technology is changing the world through a series of initiatives that have set out to make this world a better place.

How technology is changing the world


One of the Mexican companies that innovate and promotes technology is Telmex, which, together with the Digital Education and Culture Program, has proposed to celebrate the International Day of Girls in ICTs, developing various activities in Digital Libraries and in order to promote interest in technology and science among Mexican girls and women.

One of its most outstanding activitiesis where the participants must develop an application with free tools that solve a problem or need in their community. For many companies in the technology sector, you can find alternatives for businesses and how they can help companies improve their work organization.


Technology is changing the way we take care of our health. One of the pioneers in this area was the Power Balance, currently, many people use this device to measure how many calories we burn, if we sleep well or how fast we eat. Currently, we can find devices, applications or tools that count for us how many calories we consume during the day and even give us an alert when we have exceeded the suggested calorie limit, according to our goals. Virtual trainers, weight loss programs, nutritional coaches and even smoking cessation apps are examples of how technology has made it possible for us to take care of our health today.


The Arab spring could not have been possible without the prominence of social networks and events such as the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Amazon went viral thanks to the use of social networks and it is that in addition to being a tool to meet people or entertain ourselves, social media have become an information tool.

Social networks have become instruments to help people anywhere in the world, create awareness campaigns and take social activism to the next level since it allows reach more people in a very short time.


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) launched Chuka, Break the Silence, a video game that teaches how to combat gender violence.

Aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12, the objective of this initiative is for them to learn to recognize the different types of aggression that exist and how they should treat them, from themselves through individual actions or with the help of trusted adults.


One of the big problems facing the environment today is plastic in the oceans. The Ocean Clean-up Foundation has developed technology to extract this waste and prevent it from reaching the bottom of the ocean.

The device was deployed in the Pacific Ocean, specifically between Hawaii and California, with the goal of cleaning the largest plastic island in the world.

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