The innovation of powerful HDMI cables has played a significant role in improving the gaming industry. Now, you can connect your television to the game source with a basic HDMI cable and get the ball rolling. However, what happens if your TV is always being used by other people? Do not miss out on the fun. Instead, connect a laptop to a PS4 and play from any corner of the house.

Keep in mind that if your console and laptop share the same resolution, there is no need for HDMI cabling. The beauty is that laptop screens come in various sizes, pixels, and resolutions. This will give you more flexibility when optimizing your screen for your specific needs. Unfortunately, every coin has its two sides. While a laptop offers various benefits, there are some drawbacks that you need to consider.


Using a laptop as a monitor for PS4 has the following benefits:

Lightweight and Portable

Gone are the days when you could only play games from one location. You only need to connect a laptop to a PS4 to get the show on the road. Whether on the move or indoors, you can easily carry your laptop along. 

From the comfort of your bed or when basking on the patio, your laptop will make it happen. You can also bring it to work, school, or even at the park. 

Rechargeable Batteries

Laptops provide an unstoppable game experience with their rechargeable batteries. Whether on holiday or a business trip, you can always log in to your PS4 games and revitalize. Li-Poly and LiON batteries are the best options because they last longer and are slightly lighter than others. 

More importantly, they are environmentally friendly and charge faster. You can use a power bank to charge your laptop when traveling. To pick the best power bank, first consider your laptop’s ports, battery capacity and power output.

Enhanced Security

Modern laptops have some of the most advanced security features on the record. You can lock and unlock remotely using a digital key, which makes it difficult for thieves to access your files. 

You can also set up a fingerprint or face recognition feature so that only you can access your laptop. This is perfect when you need to keep your games safe from prying eyes while also wanting to save battery life.

Audio Advantage

Most laptops have speakers built into their screens, which allows you to play games while they are playing audio. You can use a laptop’s speakers if they have built-in volume controls. They are often not as powerful as headphones or a headset. Therefore, find headphones that plug directly into your laptop. 

If you find it inconvenient, try using an external sound system that you can connect with wires or Bluetooth. You can also use earbuds to listen to the audio while gaming.

Better Response Time

The response time is the amount of time it takes for a device to process information. The faster your response time, the quicker your device will process information and respond to what you’re doing on it. 

There is no doubt that a gamer wants nothing but fast devices.Most laptops have a response time of under 10ms, which is the ideal threshold for gaming.


Below are some common challenges to expect when as using your laptop screen for the PS4:

Require Internet Connection

Certain games require the laptop to always remain connected to the internet. In short, your device won’t be able to play games if there is no internet in the vicinity. This can be annoying if you only have a few minutes of free time and want to play a quick round.

Invest in a high-speed internet connection if you want to make the best of it. Then, use a 3G or 4G modem when traveling to areas without connection. 

Picture Quality Affected

The picture quality of a laptop screen for a PS4 may not be as good as when using a full-sized monitor. The only way to fix this issue is to use an external video adapter and an HDMI cable that has a longer length than the standard one. 

Another option is to use the manuals provided by a PS4 developer on how to adjust the contrast level and brightness on a laptop screen.

Dim or Dull Display

Typically, laptop screens become dimmer to save power or as a sign that your device is running low on battery. While this is a simple power-saving plan, it may not go well with most gamers. After all, players plan on engaging in sessions for hours at a time, with minimal disturbance. 

In such a scenario, keep your chargers and power bank close to avoid missing some crucial moments of your game.


It is no secret that playing PS4 immerses you in a world of stimulating experiences. From the God of War, Titans to indie games, PS4s are some of the easiest ways to liven your living room. Yet, it is worth mentioning that when you connect a laptop to PS4, the display may be slightly different compared to a television or computer. Hence, learn how to change the display on your screen for more exciting PS4 moments.

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