Following pro esport players is an essential part of the game, especially for newbies. You will learn new skills and enjoy them while at them. In addition, you will learn about new games, updates, or the latest hardware upgrades because seasoned players are updated with such information. However, identifying the right pro gamers to follow can be daunting due to the large number. There are factors that you could consider to help you find a suitable one, and they include:


Pro gamers, like overwatch players, are ranked according to the number of tournaments they have played and the games they have won. The ranking can help you to identify a player experienced in certain games, and you can borrow from watching them play or the news they share. You can find these rankings on platforms that share them with players who want to learn more about professional esport gamers.


You can also identify a pro gamer to follow using the amount they have earned from their gaming time. The earnings can be from salaries, tournament prize pools, streaming, branding rights, or sponsorship. High earnings relate to exemplary skills that give the gamer more followers to their streaming services and more wins in competitive games.


How committed the gamer is should also be a factor to consider when choosing the one to follow. You need a committed gamer who spends a lot of time online gaming or streaming. This will allow you to learn more from them since they will be available to answer your questions if you have any. In addition, active gaming improves skills even in professional players; hence you will learn new skills from them. You can learn about such gamers through gaming forums and referrals from peers.

Playing Style

To enjoy a pro gamer’s live stream, you must consider their playing style. For example, you can follow an aggressive player who defeats opponents with this strategy. This will enable you to enjoy following their streams or learn new strategies from them, which you can use to play and win games. Knowing such a player can’t be easy without checking them out on various streaming platforms.


You should also consider experience when choosing a game to follow. It would be best to follow one that has played popular video games for a long time and understand them better. Such players know the best gaming consoles and other peripherals you can use to improve your gaming. In most instances, the gamer will share reviews from their experience, which is worth it compared to those you will get on other platforms.

Social Media Following

Lastly, it would be best to consider the gamers’ social media following, which indicates their popularity. For instance, suitable overwatch players to follow are those that have amassed large followings due to their exemplary performance over the years. You can find links to their social media handles in the gaming forums, which you will use to follow.
Esport is becoming mainstream, and you can join to play for prizes or fun. While at it, you should follow pro players and watch how they play the various games. You will not only enjoy the streaming but also learn from them. However, note there are several gamers, hence the need to consider the factors you have read here for the best one.

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