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PS4 Controller is the best gamepad so far. You’ve happily used it with many games on your PC, including emulators for consoles older than Sony’s. The only problem was that everyone had to plug in a USB cable every time and wanted to use it (or get an expensive wireless adapter).

There were some rumors about using Bluetooth, but you didn’t want another device taking up one of your precious USB ports. Then someone told about “safe mode,” and there was no looking back.

How to connect PS4 controller without USB?

No drivers or software are required. It uses the official Bluetooth stack included with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (Windows 10 not tested). All you need is to enable “Set Service” to on.

  • First go to control panel, then “Hardware and Sound,” then “Device and Printers.” If you are running Windows 8, right-click the bottom left corner of your screen for the menu.
  • You should see a window.
  • Look for your Bluetooth device. It should be called “Wireless Controller” or something very close to that. If you have multiple controllers connected, it might be under either of them, depending on which one was last active.
  • Now, we enable the “HID Device” service of our controller. Press the Windows button and type “Change Bluetooth settings” in the search box. It should be under the settings section.
  • Turn on your controller by holding the PS button for 7-8 seconds until the light bar starts blinking. Note that if you have other controllers connected, it might be turned off because it was not active last time. So turn them all on at once and wait a couple of seconds for each to activate individually.
  • Right-click on your device from the previous step and select properties.
  • In the General tab, double click on the “Bluetooth HID Device” service and set its startup mode as “Automatic.” If you don’t see this option, try again from the beginning or run services misc from the Start menu search box.
  • Now, this is important: go to HID COM port properties and check the “Enable legacy support” option. You can use any other method to activate Bluetooth on your pc, such as using Fn+F2 keys or even a dedicated button on some laptops. Still, this way allows you to turn it on and off whenever you like without pressing extra buttons (for example, if you need more ports later).
  • Save all changes and restart your PC. Voila! PS4 Controller should work now without a USB cable!

3 best methods about how to connect PS4 controller without USB?

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  • Connecting ps4 controller without USB with Bluetooth
  • Using a wireless Adapter to connect the ps4 controller
  • Using an OTG cable to connect the ps4 controller

For people looking for instructions about how to connect ps4 controller without USB, please be aware that there is no direct connection way, such as you attach something like the USB cable directly from your PS4 to your Android gadget. So, don’t waste time and check out these three ways below:

1. Connecting ps4 controller without USB with Bluetooth

To establish a link between the ps4 and android equipment, first thing first, you should download and set up the Sixaxis Controller app on your phone or tablet device before you can do anything. Then you need to turn on this app and put your ps4 controller into pairing mode by holding down the Share and PS buttons until the indicator light of the controller is blinking. Now go back to your android device and open up the Sixaxisthe application; wait for a moment, and it will tell you if your ps4 controller has been successfully paired or not via displaying “connected” / “not connected” below your phone’s Bluetooth service list.

2. Using a wireless adapter to connect the ps4 controller

This way is much better for many gamers around there because it gives you more control over how far away from your TV screen and frees you from being tangled in wires while playing games with your beloved PS4 controller. Simply put, you will need a wireless adapter to connect the ps4 controller.

3. Using an OTG cable to connect the ps4 controller

As we all know, Android phone won’t allow us to install third-party apps from official Google Play Store unless it is rooted with CWM recovery installed on it which might be harmful to some people who have no idea about this stuff at all, so if you want a simple one-step way to connect your PS4 controller with your android device then using an OTG Cable is a good choice for you as most of it has been tested and proven compatible already.

But since not everyone has got this type of cable lying around in their homes, so if this happens, don’t worry; you can use a USB OTG Host Cable Adapter to connect the ps4 controller with your Android phone or tablet easily.

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A wireless adapter to connect the ps4 controller

So if you still think that this is not going to work well for you, then purchasing a wireless adapter might be a good choice because it will only cost you around $10, and it has been tested working perfectly for many people in the past couple of months. For those who do not know how to purchase a wireless adapter, visit any online store such as Amazon or eBay to find one from there without spending too much time looking. But make sure when choosing an adapter for yourself, try checking out some reviews about it first placing your order to be aware of what you will receive.

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