With the development of glasses and acoustic technology progressing further and further, technology companies in America and beyond can’t wait to enter the smart audio glasses industry. While the functions of some of these products are yet to meet expectations, this change also marks the rise of a new industry and the increase in popularity of wearable technology devices. Although different companies have varying design styles, they are all striving for a common goal: to comprehensively develop products that are perfect in every aspect. Here are a few smart audio glasses on the market that are worth buying. Let’s figure out which pair provides the most comprehensive value.   

Smart Audio Glasses: What are the Best Features to Look for?

The emerging industry of smart audio glasses presents a new wave of wearable technology for consumers keen on incorporating sound and vision into one device. As a result, the market is now populated with different designs, styles, and features that cater to different user preferences. However, with so many options, which smart audio glasses are worth buying?

The first feature to consider is sound quality. Bose Tempo’s open audio technology and bigger drive unit make it an excellent option for music lovers. At the same time, SANGSTRE II Haydn’s high-performance speakers provide a 24-bit codec high-quality audio with noise reduction technology. Razer Anzu’s built-in omnidirectional microphone allows hands-free calls and gaming experiences.

Another factor to consider is wearability. SANGSTRE II Haydn is a popular choice because it is comfortable to wear with slim, normal-length temples that cater to different head shapes. Soundcore’s glasses also offer a personalized style, with over a dozen front frames.

Finally, battery life is important when choosing smart audio glasses. Bose Tempo offers a charging time of less than an hour and a full charge provides 5.5 hours of use, making it perfect for sports needing endurance. Soundcore offers up to 6 hours of continuous audio listening and supports fast charging with 1.5 hours of talk time in just a 10-minute charge. Fauna Memor Havana offers up to 10 hours of playback time.

It is essential to evaluate these features to choose the best pair of smart audio glasses for your needs.

  1. Bose Tempo 

Audio: ★★★★★

Bose Tempo uses Open Audio technology with a volume-optimized equalizer and a bigger drive unit. Whether the sound is bass or treble, you can hear it clearly and fully. The microphone system has also been upgraded from the original single microphone to a dual beam-forming array microphone, delivering even more of a volume surge. 

Wear: ★★★ ☆

In order to fit in all electronic components, Bose Tempo’s temples are very thick and the product is heavier. The head may feel clamped sometimes and the ears could become sore and tired with prolonged wear. While this model is able to be fixed firmly on the head, it may become a nightmare for users who have certain comfort requirements.

Endurance: ★★★★ ☆

Bose takes a customized 4-pin charging cable to enable a charging time of less than an hour. Although it does not support fast charging, this short charging time is great in itself. One full charge provides 5.5 hours of use and because Tempo is designed for sports, this product is perfect for sports needing endurance from their device.

Overall rating: ★★★★ ☆

  1. SANGSTRE II Haydn  

Sound quality: ★★★★

The sound unit in SANGSTRE II Haydn matches with high-performance speakers, provided by AAC HD audio decoding technology. This allows for 24Bit Codec high-quality audio that is loud and full. The innovative sound field superposition technology can reverse offset the peripheral sound field, reducing audio leakage. The glasses support RCV.5.0-DSP algorithm noise reduction and are perfect for hearing phone calls clearly.

Wear: ★★★★★

From an aesthetic perspective, SANGSTRE glasses appear to be ordinary glasses with slim, normal length temples. SANGSTRE has a variety of frame sizes that take into consideration the difference in head shape between European and Asian people. This allows you to choose the pair that best suits you and provides maximum comfort. 

Endurance: ★★★★★

When they are fully charged, SANGSTRE’s glasses provide more than 5 hours of output, giving enough endurance for daily use. In addition, the storage and charging of SANGSTRE’s product takes place in one case, with standby time of up to 15 days. As long as the glasses are placed in this case, they are kept safe and charged. They will be ready for easy operation anytime and anywhere. 

Overall rating: ★★★★ ☆

  1. Razer ANZU 

Sound quality: ★★★★ ☆

The Anzu Smart Glasses have been launched by Razer, inheriting the brand’s usual style. They use an open audio design with hidden speakers and microphones providing a 3D surround audio experience. The frame has a built-in omnidirectional microphone to allow for hands-free calls. With ultra-low latency of 0.06 seconds, these glasses allow for great gaming experiences.

Wear: ★★★ ☆

Similar to the shape of Bose’s glasses, these can share the same problem during wear. The thick temples may clamp the head and have a greater load-bearing impact on the ear. Their design does not take into account the different needs and head shapes of varying races, leading to limited wearer satisfaction. 

Endurance: ★★★★ ☆

These glasses can be used for about 5 hours following a single charge.

This means that if you are planning a long gaming session, you do not need to worry about a sudden loss of power. When the glasses are not in use, fold them up and they will automatically turn off to save power.  This is a really great design feature. 

Overall Rating: ★★★★

  1. Soundcore  

Sound quality: ★★★★

Soundcore uses a surrounding acoustic algorithm to create 360° immersive listening experiences with great, penetrating sound quality. The bass is clear but when the treble is turned up to the maximum setting, the sound leakage is obvious and the audio quality is lessened. 

These glasses are better suited to a quieter environment.

Wear: ★★★★ ☆

The design and structure of Soundcore’s glasses is very distinctive. The temples and front frame are separated, with assembly requiring just a simple plug-in. Such a design makes these glasses full of personalization options, with more than a dozen front frames to choose from. You can match any clothing style if you are willing ignore the small shortcoming of the slightly longer temple length.

Endurance: ★★★★ ☆o 4 h

When fully charged, your glasses’ batteries will last up to 35 hours in standby mode. They will provide up to 5.5 hours of phone calls or 6 hours of continuous audio listening. In addition, Soundcore also supports fast charging. A 10-minute charge provides 1.5 hours of talk time, making these particularly good in an emergency. 

Overall Rating: ★★★★

  1. Fauna Memor Havana 

Sound quality: ★★★

Fauna’s 2-way sound system with USound MEMS micro speakers and electric woofers is equipped with two beam-forming microphones for a regular listening call.

Wear: ★★★ ☆

Although Fauna’s temples are not as exaggerated as those seen on Bose models, they are still very thick. This will cause a level of pressure on the head during wear but the bearing on the ears is greatly reduced. If you are willing to pay for fashion, then you will also need to bear the accompanying load.

Endurance: ★★★ ☆

Fauna Memor Havana’s case can provide the glasses with approximately 3 charges. This charge will give up to 20 hours of standby mode or up to 4 hours of continuous audio streaming.

Overall rating: ★★★ ☆

  1. Lucyd Polaris 

Sound quality: ★★★

Lucyd uses open audio with low bass and the treble leakage phenomenon is obvious with these glasses. To hear clearly in a noisy environment, you will need to share your music with everyone. It is like you are wearing two Bluetooth speakers on your ears. 

Wear: ★★★★ ☆

Lucyd’s temples are slender and light, with an acceptable load of weight placed on the ears. The only downside is that with a longer than average tail end on the temples, these glasses can easily slip off during wear. The overall counterweight of the glasses is less than ideal, but they are still much more comfortable than others.

Endurance: ★★★★☆

2 hours of charging provides the Lucyd glasses with 6.5 – 8 hours of music playback or more than 160 hours of standby mode. If you listen to music for one hour a day, one full charge will last you a whole week. This longer charging time means that the battery life is also improved. 

Overall rating: ★★★★☆


The above is a comprehensive performance evaluation of six popular smart audio glasses. We hope this helps you choose the pair that best suits you!

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